Sunday, June 23, 2013

The adventure begins...

So the adventure starts.  Welcome to those who are reading this.  My goal over the next few months is to take all of the knowledge that I have gathered shooting video and place it here.  I will try to point out the equipment that I have assembled, the thoughts behind each of the purchases, and the limitations and benefits that I have had using the equipment.

One thing that I have learned is that the most important piece of equipment is yourself.  The most powerful and expensive equipment does nothing without you making the thousands of choices that cause them to do their jobs.  It is you that has to imagine the shot, the light, the angles, the sound and the feeling that you are going to convey.  Some lessons have to be lived in order to learn from them.  But if this blog helps others to have a shorter time learning some lessons, all the better.

I am constantly amazed by the world that we live in.  I love the constant change of nature and the change in communication mechanisms and technologies that we are creating.  I believe that we will continue to evolve and grow because of our ability to share.  I share because I believe that by doing so will move all of us forward.

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