Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Night time time-lapse - the Milky Way over Utah

I got the chance to head out to the west desert to shoot a night time time-lapse a couple of days ago. I gathered a series of sweet and salty treats at 7-eleven and headed out at around 12:30. I knew I had to get away from the metro areas as much as possible and I also checked the weather reports pretty closely to see if I had enough of a window to stay away from as many clouds as possible. It took a bit of driving, getting lost for a bit, and then finally pulling off the main road a mile or so to a perfect spot. I set up the camera and started to get the right angles and focus. Setting focus is not easy to do. I used my Canon 5D Mark III and the 16-35 L II lens. Other than the few clouds that fluttered on by, it was great. Amazing how short 3 hours looks over time. If you watch it in HD, you should be able to spot about 5 satellites going over. There were also several shooting starts but those end up as streaks in usually only 1 frame so they are harder to spot. Enjoy the show!

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